23 days ago

Cell Phone in car use

Robert from Motueka

Just so you know if you get caught using your phone will driving the FINE has now doubled to $150. Driving between Motueka and Nelson every weekday I have lost count of drivers using their phones. I do hope you get caught. The fine should be $500 and your phone taken off you. 22 people have died on NZ roads in the past 5 years due to phone use.
Just my thoughts.

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10 days ago

Have you had the Covid vaccine jab?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Nelson Marlborough is one of the top performers when it comes to delivering the Covid vaccine, and now a Covid Vaccination Centre has opened in Nelson, with a Richmond site opening next week. Have you been text to get a Covid vaccine or have you had them? Let us know what is was like.

15 hours ago

A shot in the dark but I'm looking for some help

Sue from Motueka

Hi I have a number of injuries which prevent me from doing some very simple tasks! I need to change a light bulb, to re-string two strands on my washing line and to dig a few holes to plant fruit trees.
I would be happy to offer coffee and baking as well as a few dollars for this help.....anyone willing to pop into Staple Street for an hour or so??
027 544 3002 Here's hoping!

1 day ago

How can we make people feel welcome in Nelson?

Amy Ridout Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Sometimes, people shout abuse at Fatima when they see her on the street wearing her headscarf. She has lived in Nelson for eight years, but is still finding her place here. How can we make Fatima feel at home?