60 days ago

Window cleaner

Marijke from Upper Moutere

Can anyone recommend a low cost reliable window cleaner?

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5 hours ago

Art Classes for Children

Penni from Motueka

I currently run Art Classes for children in Richmond and am wondering if there would be any children interested in attending Saturday afternoon classes (3.30 - 5.00pm) in Riwaka.

9 days ago

High street upgrade

Ron from Motueka

Whoever thinks the modifications of High Street will improve the traffic flow through our town centre is dreaming
The TDC the Waimea dam which should never have got of the ground {Thank you to the previous mayor } and now all TDC ratepayers will be contributing to the out of control cost for years to come and if our rates are not already far to high for what we receive from TDC
This decision by the TDC shows us all what a weak disjointed lot we have voted in to run our affairs
These traffic lights will further cause traffic build up in High Street and this will be worse during the summer season
To see heavy traffic trucks having to use High Street is madness and more than ha
lf the traffic travelling through High Street have no intention of wanting to stop but to continue there journey up to Golden Bay so why not a traffic bypass god forbid we have on each side of High Street plenty of room
Rest assured when these modifications are complete we will be in the same position we now have with the Waimea dam and we will say why did we let this happen

14 hours ago

MBIE Recalls booster seat due to safety concerns

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

A booster seat has been recalled due to the chance of malfunctioning in the event of a crash.

The booster seat, the Diono Cambria 2, has been recalled by MBIE as the headrest could crack or break in a collission. The recall notice warns that the headrest may detach, causing serious injury to an infant or child.

Here's what you need to know:
- Units affected are those manufactured between September 2020 and November 2020.
- The first six digits of the serial number for the recalled range is: 648735.
- Only use the affected Diono seat as a backless booster seat until replacement units are available.
- Replacement headrests will be available in the next month.

Affected product owners can find out more about the recall on the Diono Website or get in touch with them on 0800 34 66 66.