36 days ago

Stoke banking hub gets December go-ahead

Tim O'Connell Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Confirmation of a December opening date for Stoke’s new banking hub has been seen as an early Christmas present by its proponents.

The New Zealand Bankers Association announced on Wednesday that a new banking hub will open on December 3 in the John’s Stoke Pharmacy building at Putaitai St.

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2 days ago

Your favourite ever summer holiday

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
Now that summer's finally here and the holidays are just around the corner for many, we'd love to hear about your favourite summer holiday memories. Has there been a trip that you continue to think about years later? Where did you go, with who and what did you get up to? What made it such a stand-out experience? As usual, please put 'NFP' in your comment if you don't want it included in a travel article. Cheers.

11 hours ago

Stoke Banking Hub - will you be using it?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Stoke Banking Hub opened on Thursday, filling the gap KiwiBank and Westpac left behind. The hub is on a one-year trial and amongst three other regional hubs around the country. Will you use it, and do you think it's a good idea?

6 hours ago

What do you remember about your teachers from primary school?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

We're looking to write a fun story about what teachers got away with back in the day before the 90s made much of it taboo. I had a teacher who would dangle naughty kids out the window by their feet, and one leathery old teacher who would get her favourite students to rub her feet while reading us a story. What were teachers doing back in your day they wouldn't be able to do now? Please, only things we can look back and laugh at. You may be contacted or your comment used in print.