57 days ago

Would you consider buying an electric car?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Kiwis are slowly moving towards electric vehicles but for many, the price tag and anxiety range are stopping them taking the leap. Do you have plans to buy an EV as your next car, do you have one already, or are you happy in your internal combustion engine car? Tell us below.

More messages from your neighbours
1 day ago


Danny from Mapua

Would those people that use the footpath to exercise their horses please stop. These are footpaths for people not horses. The horse shit that is left behind ( pardon the pun)is really not a good look. If you are to lazy to pick it up then leave your horse in the paddock.

1 hour ago

New cases still travel linked

Sally Kidson Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Marlborough records its first new cases in more than a week, with two new cases recorded in Nelson.

1 day ago

Supporting your local cafe during the lockdown

Samantha Gee Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Are you missing being able to have a coffee at your favourite cafe while we are stuck at home? A new website, SOS Cafe, enables people to buy a voucher online which can be used "when things return to normal" in a bid to support those in the hospitality industry. Jaks Island, Blackbird Eatery and The Villa are just a few of the places you can buy vouchers for in Nelson. Let us know what your favourite cafe is and whether you would buy a voucher to support it!