39 days ago


Peter from Richmond

Does anyone know or recommend a good labradoodle breeder please?

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6 hours ago
15 days ago

Vinyl Records

Rik from Upper Moutere

Hi Neighbours, If anyone has any vinyl records in the attic or basement that they don't play anymore or are thinking of selling please get in touch.More than happy to come and have a look and pay cash. Many thanks in advance.

3 days ago

Water shortage, the dam and our rate increases

Mac from Richmond

So now it's official, the dam that we all appear to so desperately need with our ongoing water shortage is now a further $25 million over budget and they haven't even started to pour concrete yet!! With the type of "skilled" project management that TDC staff employed for the management of the resurfacing of Bateup Road how can we ratepayers possibly have any cause to be concerned that our annual rate increase will exceed even further the 1.9% predicted by the newly elected Mayor of Richmond for the construction of this major project? The original figure banded about by the previous Mayor was $70 million and I wonder if anyone is taking bets that the final bill will be nearer double that amount?