47 days ago

Houseplants looking sick? The plant doctor answers your questions

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Hi neighbours,
Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about their sickly plant babies. Houseplants might be fashionable, but they can be tricky to get right. Whether it’s the wrong light, too much or too little water, or a pesky draft, it doesn’t take much for your prize peace lily to turn yellow or an infestation of bugs to set in.

We put some of your houseplant questions to the plant doctors from Kings Plant Barn to diagnose. Find their answers here.

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2 days ago

Poll: Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?

Marketing Manager from Beds 4 U Matamata

Choose an option below, or if not listed in the options then comment below what your routine is before going to bed to get a good night's sleep!

Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?
  • 28% Listen to soothing music
    28% Complete
  • 59.4% Read a book
    59.4% Complete
  • 6.3% Meditate
    6.3% Complete
  • 6.3% Have a cup of chamomile tea
    6.3% Complete
143 votes
3 days ago

Mother’s Day at the Red Cross in Matamata

Leanne Davidson from Red Cross Shop Matamata

It’s time to make mum feel special, to let her know you appreciate her. Come on in to the ❌ Red Cross shop at 46 Arawa Street in Matamata to find that little something to make her day special.
We have all sorts of gift ideas that make shopping sustainably for mum the planet saving way to go!