42 days ago

Get in quick $1.00 red X sale

Leanne Davidson from Red Cross Shop Matamata

Hi all, we are packing up the winter clothes but there are winter bargains to be had.

We still have our $1.00 rack outside but now you will find clothing on the racks with a RED X on the ticket as well!

RED X = $1.00 (no ticket no sale)

It’s time to come in and have a fossick and check out the new layout!

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20 hours ago

What an amazing week! Thank you volunteers and our donators!

Leanne Davidson from Red Cross Shop Matamata

A big thanks to the community for the donations we have been receiving! They are very much appreciated and go towards doing great things in and for the community. We have some cool treasures in the shop so come on in and see.

I’ve been lucky to meet the people who do the jobs we raise money for this week and learn about all the important things the Red Cross does. Did you know that your donations help train 19 disaster relief teams, how cool is that! Of course I just hope we never need them BUT the thing to remember is that the Red Cross has your back and will be there when you do need them.

Another big thank you to my volunteers you are awesome and so appreciated and the glue that makes the shop rock! Morning tea is on me for the week!

1 day ago

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Hamilton Harcourts

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3 days ago

We Say, You Say: The Last Lake

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Neighbours,

An Auckland trucking company wishes to dump millions of cubic metres of industrial waste in a proposed site in Huntly, close to the only 'swimmable' lake left in the Waikato region. In 2012, a Waikato Regional Council scientist compared the nutrient levels in Waikato lakes to 1316 others globally and found them to be among the worst. This indicator has not shifted in the eight years since.

What do you think about the proposal?

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