34 days ago


Paul Neighbourly Lead from Morrinsville

I have news that the Avenue road intersection will have its temporaty roundabout very soon. I along with Tim Vandermolen and the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce have pressured for this to happen it finally looks like our hard work has paid off, now a few more NZTA project to get on with. No date as of yet but soon enough. Funny enough the Mayor warned me not to upset NZTA because they might play hard ball, loos like hard ball from myself, Tim and the Maorrinsville Chamber of Commerce has paid off. Now that is real advocacy, if you want more of the same elect Ash Tanner as Mayor. He has also been very vocal and challenged NZTA.

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6 minutes ago

Lost jacket

Marie-Jeanne from Putaruru

Hi! I lost my old jacket on Monday October 14th, most probably outside Ma Baker, on the Tirau Rd in Putaruru at about 12 45 pm. It's old and I'm very attached to it, moreover it's my only one. I don't can't wait till next winter and the weather is still cold, so if you 've got it, please return it to me or the Putaruru Police station. It has a lost number lodged with them. The jacket is 3/4 length, mauve with blue cuffs and a waist cord with toggles. Thanks . My ph. number : 07 281 4283.

4 hours ago

Poll: Would you fly internationally from Hamilton?

Nicola Brennan-Tupara Reporter from Matamata Chronicle

Hi neighbours,
There's been a bit of talk about a newly elected councillor wanting to bring international flights back to Hamilton.
But an aviation commentator believes it's not likely to happen, claiming that "Hamilton is not a destination".
So we want to know, would you fly internationally from Hamilton is they were to operate again?

Would you fly internationally from Hamilton?
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  • 0% No, Auckland airport is better
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14 days ago

WATCH: Rotterdam's floating cows: the future of farming?

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours, could you imagine cows floating down the Waikato River?

These cows are floating on Europe's largest port, in another effort to make cattle farming more sustainable. The owners call it the world's first 'floating farm'. It's in Rotterdam and they want it to minimize waste and land use, and also bring food production closer to the city.

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