55 days ago

Looking to rent room

Jarrad from Carterton District

Hello to my wairarapa community i am a 39 yr old working male with a beautiful fully trained pure blue staffy and we are looking for a room to rent or sleep out as we love the wairarapa and wish to stay here for a long time...housing is very hard to find these days

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20 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

What are your thoughts on the great flag debate that gripped the country in 2015?

12 hours ago

Do you support getting rid of feral cats?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

An online backlash against a competition encouraging people to kill feral cats has resulted in the plan being cancelled.
A social media post by animal welfare group HUHA New Zealand with a picture of a Fish & Game ad promoting its “Lake Wairarapa Cat Comp” asked people “So how does this make you feel?”
The competition encouraged hunters to “cull” the cats, which could not be easily trapped, take a picture, send it to Fish & Game and be in to win a prize.
Fish and Game have apologised but asked hunters to continue help curb feral cat numbers,

5 days ago


Lana from Greytown

Hi neighbours,
Has anyone got kittens going for free my Moko had a kitten and sadly it crossed the rainbow bridge he so devastated it was his first kitten.