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Poll: Should we ban gangs?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Stuff movie reviewer Greame Tuckett loved Savage and suggested it is a film all New Zealanders should see.

"Savage is, in its best moments, a stunning achievement. And it is never less than heartfelt and engaging. Very recommended."

Directed by Sam Kelly, it takes a look at the life of gang leader Moses. Set in Wellington in the 1980s, Kelly suggests that we can trace the emergence of gangs in New Zealand to institutions like the Epuni Boys Home in Lower Hutt, where physical and sexual abuse was rife.

Tuckett was particularly impressed by the way Savage gets "behind the masks of gang life and talked to the lost boys and mutilated men" in gangs throughout New Zealand.

One of the highlights was the performance of James Matamua, who was discovered in a Upper Hutt boxing gym.

The movie will inevitably raises questions about attitudes to gangs and whether politicians should take a tougher approach. Tell us what you think?

Should we ban gangs?
  • 83.6% Yes
    83.6% Complete
  • 16.4% No
    16.4% Complete
286 votes
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Poll: Should Aayla be allowed to play?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A team of keen young Petone rugby league players will forfeit their points and risk disqualifying themselves in an upcoming tournament because one of their star players is banned.
The reason? She’s a girl. Aayla Toman, 13, has been told she’s not allowed to play in the u13 boys’ grade in Wellington’s Pacific Youth Cup because of her gender – something that led her club team, the u13 Petone Panthers, to play her ‘illegally’ all season.
New Zealand Rugby League rules state the maximum age for males and females to play in mixed gender full contact rugby league is 12 years of age.

Should Aayla be allowed to play?
  • 75.7% Yes
    75.7% Complete
  • 24.3% No
    24.3% Complete
333 votes
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Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week we feature Thomas the tūī and a lovely picture and words from by Simon Woolf.

"This is our spring friend, Thomas the tūī , enjoying nectar from a kowhai tree my sister gave us as a present over 20 years ago! The kowhai is such a feature in our garden, having been replanted as a small tree, which hadn't as yet flowered, from our first home in Standen St. Thanks heaps Deb."

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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who recognises this famous photo from the Stuff archives?
Hint: It has come to represent a pivotal moment in New Zealand history.