39 days ago

Motueka SPCA Op Shop wins Best Team award

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Motueka's SPCA Op Shop struck tough times during the freak hail storm on Boxing Day last year, but the team there banded together and had the shop looking better than before in no time. It was this that won them the SPCA Best Op Shop Team award. Congratulations to the crew! Have you been to the little op shop, and how was your experience?

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3 hours ago

Donations needed.

Gail French from Red Cross Shop Richmond

The Richmond Red Cross shop would appreciate donations of house hold items and furniture.
All donation can be dropped off at our Queen St shop or we can collect them from you by ringing 035444956.
Thank you for your support.

4 hours ago

This Weeks 1/2 Price Specials

The Team from Red Cross Shop Stoke

We have a few 1/2 price specials this week to tempt you.

All men’s and women’s pants
Duvet covers
Selected glassware

See you soon neighbours at the Red Cross in Stoke.

For any furniture donations please call us on 547 7115, we pick up for free.

7 hours ago

Pick your blooming Dog poo up

Deb from Richmond

This is for all those dog walkers around Croucher st, Jean Berryman park, the Mauri school - you know who you are!! Don’t let me catch your irresponsible ways. Walk with your dog , watch your dog when it runs off !! A small dog poo and 2 big dog poos today .