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Francey Neighbourly Lead from Stoke

a friend told she had a phone from her anti-virus provider say that this was not available and would crash her computer. they knew her name phone number, how much she paid to renew her subscription, and when. They convinced her to let them into her computer & also want her to sign into her bank account ,as they would refund her subscription plus, she argued over that. the phone went dead, but she could see them doing things on the computer and rang a friend & was told to pull the plug it was a scam which she did, her friend had a friendwith computer business who was able to clear out what they had done.
the phone call came form California and the person talk had a Indian accent she saw where they phoned from she had said that she usually deals with Australia & was told that they were handling it because of the COVID-19
These people will try anything & find new ways
my friend gave permission
Mess age

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Home Grown Seedlings & Microgreens 100% Organically Grown

Cheryl from Richmond

Harvest your own Organic Microgreens!
Cut your microgreens fresh as you need from our tray. We can replenish them when you’re ready to reorder.
Organic microgreens $5.00 punnet (for pick-ups from our home) or $7 for deliveries to your door.
Organic plants and vegetables from $2.50

Organic Vegetables ready now: Swede, Broccoli, Broad Beans, Iceberg Lettuce, Brussels Sprout, Radish, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Basil, Coriander, Silverbeet & Beetroot.
Organic Microgreens ready now: Sunflower, Rocket, Radish & beetroot

We now supply organic Microgreen kits, with full instructions & everything you need to start growing, with enough greens for you and your family, right now for $35.

If you do not need your plant pots or seed trays, please bring back on your next visit, it helps us to keep cost low for you and helps our Environment.
Stay safe.
To place regular orders or enquires call Cheryl: 027 396 1505
We hope you enjoy your Home Grown Seedlings as much as we enjoyed growing them.
WE OFFER FREE DELIVERY within 12 kilometres of Richmond, or with a minimum order of $100 (this is area dependent). Additional deliveries available upon request

Organic micro Greens Poster 4[2305843009213950962] (1) 1.pdf Download View

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milk bottle holder

Paul from Redwood Valley

does anyone have an old four bottle holder for milk bottles

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Contact tracing privacy concerns

Samantha Gee Reporter from The Nelson Mail

A Nelson man's rant at Animates about contract tracing requirements at retail stores has attracted attention on social media.
Retailers are not required to contact trace if customers can maintain two metre social distancing while in store, but there is nothing to stop other retailers contact tracing if they think it is important for health and safety.
It is not breach of privacy to ask for customer details on entry to a store. However, retailers need to be clear about the purpose of collecting that information, keep it secure and only use it for the purpose it was gathered for.

What do you think about retail stores asking for contact details upon entry?