27 days ago

Left over tiles

Reinhard from Mapua

We have quite a few tiles left over from various building projects. If anybody is interested, please make an offer. For viewing in Mapua, please pm your phone number and I call you back.

from the colourful ones we have 1 tile 1,000 x 500, 2 tiles 500 x 500 and one off-cut 595 x 210

from the timber-look floor tiles there are 5 pieces 900 x 150

the larger shiny off-whites are 50 tiles 600 x 300 and

the smaller, matt off-whites are 45 tiles 400 x 250mm.


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41 minutes ago

Ukelele concert

Reinhard from Mapua

Just a reminder, don't forget the Ukelele fest on Sunday

1 day ago

disk resurfacing

Mike from Brightwater

does anyone know of someone who resurfaces dvds cds and gaming disks in nelson

1 day ago

Time to beat the backyard bandits - paper wasps

Skara Bohny Reporter from The Nelson Mail

It's that time of year again, when you'll find your garden fences, letterboxes and eaves sprouting unwelcome new growths: paper wasp nests. Have you found any? Do you have any tips for getting rid of them?
This year Wasp Wipeout is hoping to help you clear out your neighbourhood of these pests - click read more to find out all about these invasive pests and how to get rid of them.