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Mapua Volunteer fire news

The Team from Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade

Sept to Oct call outs

12/9/19 18:44 persons stuck in lift, pry door open.

24/9/19 22:55 car on roof Stafford Dr, driver not around, left with police

25/9/19 05:08 MVC (motor vehicle crash) SH 60 near Aporo Rd – stood down

28/9/19 13:39 CPR/Med SH 60, assist Ambo.

30/9/19 07:29 small fire Stagecoach Rd, Previous fire, left to burn it.

1/10/19 21:18 medical on Aranui Rd, left with Ambo

3/10/19 7:24 medical Iwa St,

8/10/19 17:51 3 car MVC SH 60 and Mapua Dr, 1 with miner injury’s. one failed to give way

11/10/19 17:45 Tanker to flared up of historic burn on Hewetson Rd, stood down by Upper Moutere fire

20/10/19 07:20 2 car MVC sh60 near Dominion Rd, left with Police. One crossed the center line.

Calls this year = 75

Safety Tip – Be safe.

Follow these tips to help protect your rural property from fire:

Escape plan

Design an escape plan for you and your family to get out of the house and off the property. Test it regularly.


Make sure your driveway clearance is at least four metres wide and four meters high. Ensure there is adequate turning space for fire trucks and easy access to water.


Make it easy for emergency services to find you by making sure your RAPID rural property identification number is on your signpost and clearly visible from the road.

Water source

Ensure there is access to an adequate supply of water for fire trucks. Make sure your garden hose is connected and is long enough to reach around the house.


Store your firewood and other flammable material away from the house.

For fire safety info go to - fireandemergency.nz...

for fire permits go to - www.checkitsalright.nz...

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Today's Leader

Barnaby Sharp Reporter from The Nelson Mail

This story and others like it are in this week's Leader, and it will be delivered, keeping you informed during these extraordinary times. Stay safe, look out for each other and together, we'll all get through this.

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Pene from Stoke

How about if we post the best jokes we have heard on a joke post. It would give everyone a bit of a giggle in these strange and stressful times we are going thru. There are a lot of people that could do with cheering up.

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Connings food market

Reinhard from Mapua

Hi guys,

I have just signed a petition to get Connings reopened. Connings, a local produce food market was closed by the government. So, instead of driving 12 kilometres to Connings we now have to drive 18 kilometres to the supermarkets in Motueka. There we can buy veges at high prices which were transported from who knows to Motueka, handled by dozens of people.
In the 15 years I am in NZ this is only the second petition I signed because I support this.
Go ahead and sign it here: chng.it...

Support a local business with local products.