27 days ago

Text charges

Donald from Wakefield

Had an interesting challenge this week, I did some home work re why the credit balance on one of our cell phone accounts keeps disappearing, via constant tx's @ $ 0.31 each to an overseas # 00447 786205094, there is a lot to be learn't via a Google search

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5 days ago

political propaganda

Matt from Motueka

Did anyone else recieve some political propaganda from the prime minister today via neighbourly? I did. It consisted of a list of all the things she failed to achieve dressed up as actual achievements, a little bit of spin and an outright lie or two. I was kind of shocked and disappointed that Neighbourly allowed a message like that on the platform. This shouldn't be the kind of place to blow a political trumpet.

21 hours ago


Hunter from Hope

Hi wanting some hay to buy only about 5 or so bales for a horse if you leave a name and ph number if you have any you want to give away or sell I’ll get back to you soon as possible thanks hunter

3 hours ago

Concrete fill...Free

Ian from Stoke

Old concrete garden border suitable for fill ?
Clean and accessible
Pick up Stoke