27 days ago

$1 Winter Sale

Martine Robertson from Red Cross Shop Stoke

Hi neighbours....Come on down to the Red Cross Shop in Stoke for the final 4 days of our winter sale. All our winter stock is just $1. Some wonderful bargains, so stock up for next winter. You will find us at 103 Neale Ave.

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9 hours ago

Poll: Should fireworks be banned?

Amy Ridout Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Some Golden Bay residents are concerned about the impact of fireworks on their pets and local wildlife. Is it time for a fireworks ban?


Should fireworks be banned?
  • 32.6% Yes: Ban fireworks completely
    32.6% Complete
  • 57.9% No: but we should confine them to organised displays
    57.9% Complete
  • 9.5% No: We should have the freedom to use fireworks wherever and whenever we like.
    9.5% Complete
95 votes
5 days ago

3 - 4 Bedroom Family Home Wanted To Rent For Long Term

Nigel from Stoke

Hello Everyone ... We are urgently in need of a family home to rent for the long term.
We would prefer 4 bedrooms as we like to host international students via Nayland College but we can make 3 bedrooms work. The maximum weekly rent that we can manage is $475.
We are a family of 4 ... 2 children ages 12 and 14yrs... I am 59yrs young and my wife is 49 years young.
We would prefer the Stoke, Nayland, Enner Glynn areas but anything will be considered.
This is urgently required so if anyone can help, please contact Nigel on 022 3243695 or Sarah on 022 6542069. Thank you.

4 days ago

Dog Poo

Nina from Mapua

Just walked on Chaytor Reserve, such a lovely walkway at Ruby Bay. A dog dropping was left on ramp, must have been a large dog. Do people not appreciate our lovely area and how lucky we are to be able to let our dogs run fee.