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Dog owners beware of the picnic tables at Isel

Helena from Stoke

Happy family parties in the park mean food that is toxic to dogs is often dropped and not cleaned up. This can be costly and distressing for dogs and their owners if their dog finds such food first.
Please remind people that the food they find yummy may kill someone’s pet.
Responsible dog owners clean up after their dog. Responsible people clean up after their parties.

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15 days ago

Vinyl Records

Rik from Upper Moutere

Hi Neighbours, If anyone has any vinyl records in the attic or basement that they don't play anymore or are thinking of selling please get in touch.More than happy to come and have a look and pay cash. Many thanks in advance.

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Mapua Volunteer fire news

The Team from Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade

Jan to Feb 2020 call outs

11/1/20 06:00 extinguish small beach fire near McKee Domain.

20/1/20 19:04 Shed fire Lansdowne Rd, not needed

25/1/20 22:00 MS Ford fire, two and half hours at Fire and Emergency New Zealand

28/1/20 22:39 smoke alarm sounding Langford Dr, no fire found, replace alarm a week later

03/2/20 17:38 Smoke seen in area behind Mapua school, may have been dust off driveway

5/2/20 00:22 alarm sounding Mapua school, nothing found, unknow cause of activation

8/2/20 14:58 House fire Atkins St Motueka, not needed

09/2/20 00:22 Brazier fire on lawn near Kina Beach, owner put out. Prohibited fire season

9/2/20 02:06 2 car crush SH 60 near Mapua Dr, both cars caught fire.

9/2/20 07:28 back to above to help with cleanup

9/2/20 11:53 beach fire Kina Peninsula, brigade put out, Prohibited fire season

19/2/20 21:59 Medical Bronte Rd, person taken to hospital

21/2/20 11:14 horse stuck in drain, after some help horse got out.

22/2/20 13:38 SH60 near Stringer Rd car hit cyclist, Cyclist taken to hospital, miner injury’s

Calls this year = 19

Safety Tip – Be safe.

Be very carefully with outdoor fire, go to www.checkitsalright.nz... to see if you can have an outdoor fire and for a fire permit.

For fire safety info go to - fireandemergency.nz...

for fire permits go to - www.checkitsalright.nz...