102 days ago

The Waimea Dam

Lew from Hope

Dr John Robinson has written a booklet about the project. It makes very interesting reading.
Topics covered include:-
- The "need" for the dam.
- Will it work?
- The real costs.
- Who pays?
- Who benefits?
- All about the various parties.
- What the ratepayers are up for.
- The science and the computer modelling.
- Alternatives
- Earthquakes
- PR and 'spin'

For your copy send an email to - tasmansecretsquirrel@gmail.com

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21 hours ago

White picture or mirror frame

Chrissy from Richmond

Would anyone have a picture in a large white frame that they really don't want anymore? We are wanting a large frame as a prop for when we take celebratory photos of kids, they can hold the frame up and it's not so boring as standing in front of a plain wall.

6 hours ago

Is the donations scheme fair?

Katy Jones Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Do you have a child at a high decile school that can't opt into the Government's donations scheme, effective next year? Some decile 8-10 schools say their communities are no wealthier than those at neighbouring lower decile schools, and they should be allowed to sign up to the programme too. What do you think?

16 hours ago

It was kinda a pay-it forward kinda thing…

AMI Insurance

When Sharlene Clements heard thieves had stolen a car belonging to Denise Pearson and her son Reuben, who lives with cerebral palsy, Sharlene jumped straight to their aid. She immediately offered them a wheelchair-modified van that had been given to her business in a life-changing act of kindness.

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