40 days ago

Our dream home for sale (Tasman)

Sarah from Upper Moutere

My partner and I have to sell our property (reluctantly).
Wonderful 3 bedroom modern sunny home with 0.5 hectare of charming low maintenance land. Close to the sea, mountain views, great neighbourhood, quiet, peaceful, good vibes...
Price in the low to mid 800k as we need to sell it rather quickly.


Contact me or the agent if you have any questions.
Last Open Home this Sunday 21st July!
Otherwise visits by appointment.


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6 minutes ago

Yoga Workshop in Mapua

Charlotte from Mapua

Hello neighbours, hope you are enjoying these warmer days! Spring is definitely around the corner, and I am holding a YOGA WORKSHOP to celebrate that.

Sunday the 1st of September, 10am- 2pm, in Mapua Hall, $25.

Many of us have the tendency to close ourselves and turn away from the world during the colder Winter months. So in this workshop we gather for 2 hours of yoga where the focus is to OPEN our bodies, minds and hearts - to embrace the new season <3

Afterwards we walk the 700 meters to Mapua Village Bakery and enjoy a hot cuppa together in the (hopefully) warming sun. This last part is optional and at your own additional cost.

The Workshop is open to all levels of experience, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, so grab a friend or two and join in to kickstart Spring with YOGA! <3

~ Bookings essential ~

Contact me for bookings and enquires
Charlotte Carlsson
020 411 62 336
Facebook: @YogawithCharlottenow

16 hours ago

House burglary

Fae from Stoke

Hi everyone
Just making all aware, after a beautiful weekend away in Takaka, we arrived home at 1:50 yesterday afternoon to find our home had been broken into. We travelled away for the kids soccer games. On arrival I noticed our front door was left wide open, walked inside to see bedrooms were turned upside down, all our personal belongings rummaged through. Forensics have said they would have used a crow bar to force open back door destroying both locks. A Canon camera valued around $1000 which was left behind by mistake, a few sentimental jewelery items and hair straightener is what we have noticed missing so far. Such a huge distress for our family so unsettling, makes it worse when you don't have answers and knowing we may not get any either.. just had to make you all aware, so keep yourselves and homes safe neighbours.

1 hour ago

New Stuff Circuit Investigation - watch now!

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Check out the latest work from Stuff Circuit. A must-watch for anyone seeking a better understanding of the culture that fostered the Christchurch mosque attacks. Watch now by clicking here.