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Let's warm up your winter


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More messages from your neighbours
2 hours ago

Mapua Volunteer fire news

The Team from Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade

25/5/19 14:33 tree stumps on fire, SH60, controlled burn. Left with owners
21/6/19 12:53 garage fire, bucket of ashes leafed next to wood box in garage. Damage to inside garage.
24/6/19 11:25 stove top fire, Aranui Rd

12/7/19 smoke in area of Maisey Rd, rubbish fire burning tree pruning’s. Told owner not to put any more on fire.

15/7/19 22:27 MVA, Van rolled Langford drive, five person involved, some with minor injuries. Left with Police

and Ambo.

18/7/19 11:01 assist ambo Higgs rd., help put person in to ambulance

21/7/19 12:19 alarm activation Tasman school, flumes off new fireplace.

7/8/19 17:58 cardiac arrest Seaton Valley Rd, assist ambo.

15/8/19 23:13 down lights on fire Coastal Highway near Robinson Rd. minor damage to inside house.

Calls this year = 62

Safety Tip – Be safe.

Remember the heater-metre rule – always keep furniture, curtains, clothes and children at

least 1 metre away from heaters and fireplaces.

Never cover heating appliances or store objects on top of them.

For fire safety info go to - fireandemergency.nz...

for fire permits go to - www.checkitsalright.nz...

16 hours ago

Dog owners beware of the picnic tables at Isel

Helena from Stoke

Happy family parties in the park mean food that is toxic to dogs is often dropped and not cleaned up. This can be costly and distressing for dogs and their owners if their dog finds such food first.
Please remind people that the food they find yummy may kill someone’s pet.
Responsible dog owners clean up after their dog. Responsible people clean up after their parties.

10 hours ago

How great is Your Place? Take our survey!

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Do you trust your council? Do you feel safe at home? Take our survey about your town.

For the Your Place survey we've put together a series of questions which should provide us with a comprehensive set of data that will be analysed and put in context for us by a team from AUT University.

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