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10 hours ago

New campaign

Miriam Gratton from Nelson Bays ME CFS FM - Motueka Support Group

M.E. Awareness NZ is excited to announce a new campaign. And it is a big one!

Our target is supporting every GP in NZ. Our vision is that when people with ME enter a GP’s office, that GP has access to the necessary evidence-based information and training they need to diagnose and help these patients to manage ME effectively.

Dr Richard Medlicott, currently the Medical Director of the Royal NZ College of GP’s, is partnering with M.E. Awareness NZ to take significant strides in this direction.

Richard is urging GP’s to donate funds toward his participation in The Pioneer mountain bike event in December 2019. The funds will go towards evidence-based GP education and material about ME.

We invite you to get behind this campaign too!

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14 hours ago

ME Awareness- public page

Miriam Gratton from Nelson Bays ME CFS FM - Motueka Support Group

Yes, please feel free to share our new website!

We had an announcement post on our public page you may want to share... (over to you!)

1 day ago

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