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Year of the Seabird to target fishing bycatch

Branch Secretary from Forest & Bird - Northern Branch

Add your voice to the call for better fishing rules here:


"It shouldn’t be voluntary, it shouldn’t just be up to the industry to decide when they can be bothered and when they can’t. Currently there are no rules around discarding fish waste and offal from boats. It’s like a lolly scramble for birds. Of course they’re going to come.”

Conservationists say a plan relying on voluntary - not mandatory - measures to reduce the number of seabirds harmed by commercial fishing won’t be enough to restore populations

They’re less melodious and more threatened than their land-based counterparts.

Ninety percent of New Zealand’s seabird species are threatened or at risk of extinction, compared with 74 percent of terrestrial birds. It’s a chart-topping statistic. No other country in the world has a higher number of threatened seabird species.

But despite their threatened status, it’s estimated around 14,400 seabirds were hooked, captured or killed by commercial fishing boats last year.

In trawl nets the birds get trapped trying to feed on fish and can be hurt or drowned. They can also collide with “warps” - wire ropes holding the nets. In long-line fishing, birds get hooked eating baits, and set nets can entangle diving birds such as petrels and penguins.

Most New Zealand seabirds are protected under the Wildlife Act, but commercial fishing gets a free pass and fishers do not face any punishment for killing birds if it's accidental, or incidental to legal fishing efforts.

There are only a few mandatory measures which must be taken to avoid harming seabirds. Other measures are voluntary.

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Pioneering retirement for a trailblazing generation

Ryman Healthcare Limited

Our residents are not shy or retiring. They live their lives with passion and purpose. They strive to push further, create better, and go beyond the ordinary. We are pioneering a new way to live in retirement. One with flexibility, certainty, and the ability to dial care up and down as you need it.

Ryman has been pioneering retirement living for 35 years. Our New Zealand and Australian villages are named after trailblazers: Sir Edmund Hilary, Weary Dunlop, Rita Angus, Nellie Melba. We always have, and always will, challenge the status quo and adapt to better serve our residents.
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What's On: Rebus Club of Gulf Harbour

Graeme from Army Bay

Great venue & opportunity to meet other Seniors in a welcoming environment. We are now the 6th Rebus Club in Rodney. Visit www.rebus.nz or phone Graeme 0274 739787
Rebus Club of Gulf Harbour
  • Gulf Harbour Yacht Club
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Making use of a small space

The Team from Resene ColorShop Whangarei

Make this nifty fold-out bar and cupboard for your outdoor living space.

Paint in your favourite Resene colours to complement your décor or accent it. Ideal for outdoor entertaining.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene. Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself