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The Many uses of Cucumbers

Way Of Life Health Shop

With salad season coming up I thought I would give you a little information about the humble cucumber.
1. Contain B1, B2, B6, Folate, Vit C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc.
2. Is a great pick-me-up when afternoon tiredness sets in.
3. Rubbing a slice of cucumber on the bathroom mirror stops it fogging up.
4. Place a few slices of cucumber in an aluminium can or dish to eliminate bugs, slugs and snails from gardens. They don't like the scent given off by the phytochemicals in the cucumber when it reacts with the aluminium.
5. Rub slices on skin to tighten it up. The phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen to firm up the outer layer reducing visibility of cellulite and wrinkles.
6. A slice of cucumber polishes shoes beautifully.
7. A slice of cucumber fixes squeaky hinges.
8. A slice of cucumber held on the roof of the mouth with tongue for 30 seconds will eliminate bad breath.
9. Rub a slice of cucumber on stainless steel benches, taps etc to eliminate tarnish.
10. Use the outside of the cucumber to rub on mistakes and erase ink, crayons and markers.

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Pickled Veggies for Gut Boosting Side Dish or Snack

Way Of Life Health Shop

With vegetables coming on thick and fast in the garden, using them up while they are fresh can be difficult.This how to quick pickle your favourite veggies in just 24 hours for a gut boosting tangy snack or side dish.
Use veggies that are crisp and without bruises or wrinkles. Rinse thoroughly and scrub if necessary.
Veggies to use: carrots, cabbage,onions, beetroot, asparagus, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, capsicum, broccoli, brussels sprouts.
Next choose some herbs and seasoning such as peppercorns, mustard seed, coriander seed, cloves, or fresh or dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, dill, oregano. Sliced garlic, lemon or lime could also work.
Place veggies and flavourings into clean jars leaving about 6 cms at the top.
Heat 1/2 cup filtered water over low heat until boiling, then stir in 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and a little raw honey.
Completely submerge the veggies in brine, put lid on and cool at room temperature. Chill for at least 24 hours - then enjoy! If using a lid that seals they will keep well. Once opened they will keep in the fridge for up to a month or so.

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Are you a recent home buyer? or a retiree in your own home?

The team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi Neighbourly - we're looking for a first-home buyer to talk about why it was their goal to buy a house and the reasons behind it (need to be willing to be pictured with it). We're also looking for a few people 50 years or older to talk about how important owning their own home is to their retirement goals

Can you help? Email susan.edmunds@stuff.co.nz

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