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What's On: Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors

Lorna from Petone

Join us for a cup of tea, light lunch and make new friends. Free social gathering for seniors. No need to register. Transport may be available if needed, call 044996645.
Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors
  • Voglemorn Hall
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Pet of the Day: Siam the klepto-cat

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week we feature Siam the klepto-cat. Not sure where Siam lives but the submission made by Sine Goldfinch was to good to ignore.
"Siam came in my cat door six years ago with this sponge in his mouth and dropped it at my feet as a gift for me. His owner gave him to me because he just refused to go and six years on, he still brings the same sponge to me every night. I'm pretty sure it is the equivalent of roses in his mind."
Remember if you want your pet featured on Neighbourly, email us on yourpet@dompost.co.nz with a recent photo. Please remember to say what suburb you live in.

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Mai from Mai Pham - Wellington Homes

Step off the rental rungs and step on to the property ladder with this two bedroom beauty. Whether you make this your first home, your first rental, or your first fixer-upper. This home has the ability to be the first for many in several different categories. Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start with 10B Bull Avenue to get the ball rolling.

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What's On: Petone Rebus Club:

Graham from Hutt Central

Newly retired and looking for fun and friendship with outings and interesting speakers. Meetings are 4th Wednesday of the month Call Caryl 04 560 4676 or Graham 04 569 2914.
Petone Rebus Club:
  • Petone Central Bowling Club rooms