36 days ago

Poll: Local body election: What’s most important to you?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The race is on for seats at the local council table, so what is the main issue you’ll be looking at when you cast your vote?
We’ll put whichever option gets the most votes to the candidates and ask what their policy is in that area.

Local body election: What’s most important to you?
  • 26.3% Housing
    26.3% Complete
  • 11.3% Public transport
    11.3% Complete
  • 14.3% Roads
    14.3% Complete
  • 25.6% Rates
    25.6% Complete
  • 9.8% Climate change
    9.8% Complete
  • 3% Earthquake resilience
    3% Complete
  • 9.8% Other
    9.8% Complete
133 votes
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3 days ago


Jane from Naenae

Ready NOW.

6 hours ago

The Rivals - Bookings Open Now

Kathy from Hutt Repertory Theatre

Wow, here we are opening bookings for our final show for our 75th anniversary year.

You'll see we have a third matinee on the final Saturday, 3 pm start. The performance is followed by celebration dinner. You can book for the show only or the show and dinner through the website.

All other performances are as usual, 8 pm starts during the week, with 4 pm matinees in the first weekend.

More details of the show to follow, so watch this space.

4 days ago

Junk mail

Bev from Wainuiomata

Does anyone know who is responsible for all the junk mail from supermarkets, Harvey Norman etc. We live in Trelawney in Wainuiomata. Yesterday we had 10 different pieces of it clogging up the letter box and this is the fourth week it has happened. We have a large sign on our fence right beside the letter box that says in large bold letters No Junk Mail but whoever is delivering it is taking no notice of it.