75 days ago

Hall for a private function

Kaushik from Petone

Hello Neighbours,

I am looking for a venue for a private function for 60-70 people.
Some of the specifications are:-
2)Lighting system
3)Audio/Sound system
5)Separate room/kitchen to store/heat food.
6)Budget $400

Does anyone have any leads on a hall or a space with these specs, not looking to spend more than $400 for 4 hours.


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1 hour ago

Budget not stretching the week?

Sharon Neighbourly Lead from Petone

If there are anyone who need food the number to call is (04) 5700273 this is for Salvation Army. I know there are families struggling and with the Petone food distribution closed this is another way to get free fruit, veges and bread so do call.

4 days ago

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