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1 day ago

Oscar the blind owl, whose magical antics delighted school children, dies

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

He might have been little, but Oscar the blind owl touched thousands of lives as he hopped from hand to hand and enjoyed the pats his adoring audiences gave him.

Famous in North Canterbury, the little German owl turned up at Oxford Bird Rescue in a bad way back in 2016 – and changed the lives of carers Scott and Tracey Bowman forever.

Choking on his emotions, Scott recounted how the plucky owl had fought back against the odds to become a part of their family.

Oscar did not wake up last week after he was administered anaesthetic for ongoing eye issues.

With hundreds of messages from around New Zealand and the world the couple were taking comfort that their little owl had made a difference.

“He really was a special little guy.”

17 hours ago


The Team from Resene ColorShop Rangiora

Be entertained by feathered friends enticed to your garden by making your own bird feeder painted in favourite Resene colours. Find out how to create your own.

3 days ago

Crochet hooks

Sylvia from Kaiapoi

Looking for crochet hooks please.
Not the finer ones that use crochet cotton tho other than that any size please