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Beaver Tree Service

Mary Cameron from Beaver Tree Service

Beaver Tree Service prides itself on skilled arborists' who can dismantle trees which are awkwardly located, or which pose a threat to surrounding property. We offer free tree appraisals, give us a call 0800 423 283

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2 days ago

Scam alert

Mary from Islington

Hi, i have just has a phone call from a guy saying hes from Vodafone, saying I have fluctuations on my broadband. Also asking if I was the bill payer. I dont have vodafone broadband so this alerted me straight away. . Please dont tell him you are the bill payer as this is a Scam. Hang up on him. If they take a few seconds to answer their phone when they ring you know its a scam. Be aware

1 day ago


Maria from Leeston

Dont forget to order :)

We are so close to our goal of Raising $1000!!
Thank you to everyone who has helped so for.
Orders and Payments due by this Friday please :)

We have teamed up with My Vita Bag to help fundraise for our Baby and Toddler bundles who are in desperate need of more consumables and Storage Cupboards. Our team have been funding these personally, but the demand is now so great it’s not a sustainable solution any longer. We need - wipes nappies, breastpads, toothbrushes, nappy creams, shampoo, soap and general baby /toddler products.

We are selling reusable fresh produce bags that come in a set of 2 large bags (25x30cm) and 2 small bags (20x25cm) for $13 with 35% of each purchase going straight to us!

These reusable bag are waste free and marine safe, machine washable and best yet they are breathable which will help keep your produce fresher in the fridge.

We are also able to offer a 20 pack of reusable stainless steel peg (That won't rust!!). These are $22 a pack with 32% going straight to us.

These reusable stainless steel pegs are little but extremely strong and will last a life time, soft on fabrics with no sharp edges, and best yet they come in their own reusable bag made of sustainable materials.

If you would like to order these today please give us a message to find out how

Thank you for your support. The ITAV team

If you would like to order please message www.facebook.com... or send a Email info@itav.org.nz

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Cattery accommodation

Alison Tewnion from Ali Cats Cattery

Ali Cats Cattery - where Cats go for a vacation....
Purpose built, safe, warm (under floor heating) and secure. Charges start from only $15 per day.