46 days ago

Painter wanted.

Melanie from Shannon

Looking for a painter/handyperson, to do a couple of days of painting work. Koputaroa area.

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1 day ago

Original song (November Nights)

Michelle from Linton

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great day! I stumbled across this music video that my partner Erick and his two friends Richard and Darren made some years ago. This is a song they wrote about remembering the good old days. It even made it to tv when C4 was around, if anyone remembers that channel. Just thought I would share it with you all. Hope you enjoy. Erick is in the process of writing another song which is completely different to this one. It is more the Elvis/ Roy Orbison style which he does so well. Will post that too once it is done. In the meantime hope you enjoy this happy little sing a long. 😁

4 days ago

Parking meters in Palmerston North

Joyce from Levin

Hi Always make sure when you pay the parking meter in Palmerston North that you get a receipt from the machine. I parked in a space, paid the meter for 2 hours and thought great, that's sorted. Lucky that I always get a receipt from the machine. When I returned to my car there was a ticket on my car stating that I had not paid for the first 30 minutes of parking. As my receipt clearly indicated that i had paid the full 2 hours for parking I screwed the ticket up and thought that was that.. Interesting the car that was parked next to me and paid the meter just before I did, I noticed also had an infringement notice on their windscreen. Then through the mail came a reminder notice for the unpaid fine, stating that if I didn't pay the fine the matter would go to court as I had committed a criminal offence.What really hosed me off was that they had accessed all my personal details and private information, and telling me that I had committed a criminal offence. I then sent them a letter with a copy of my receipt, also suggesting that the over zealous parking warden needed to go to spec savers and that an apology was in order. Still waiting for that one. Morale of the story. Always get a receipt when feeding the parking meter in Palmerston North or any other place that has these horrible monsters.

5 hours ago

Wetland sunset 7661

Paul from Levin

Looking back from the western side of Papaitonga Wetland Reserve.