38 days ago

water tank low?

Stephen from Clean Water Solutions LTD

Hey all
Even with the rain we had earlier your water tank may still be looking a little empty.
Clean Water Solutions have a water tanker available to top you up.
If you want council water or, f you prefer your water without chlorine we have exclusive access to independently tested deep well water.

call Andre today on (027) 4477447 for more details

you can always combine a tank clean with our water delivery services

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33 minutes ago

Council plans

Elizabeth from Shannon

Looking for someone who can draw up plans for small extension

4 days ago

New Business cards

Mike from Levin

Hey guys...How's everybody doing so far in the new year? well it's actually abit past the new year, almost the end of the second month in...gee wizz. Just wanted to share my new business cards with whoever is interested in having a look or needing some tiling done, cards from vistaprint online, quick & easy to do yourself...cheers people

1 day ago

Tiger worms

Carleen from Levin

I am starting a new home compost and are in need of the tiger (stripped) worms. I have concrete front & back yards so no chance of finding any. Does anyone have some I could collect in a 2 litre icecream container, for free, please!