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Poll: What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?

Denise Piper Reporter from The Bay Chronicle

Paihia School called police after a boy shot a toy plastic gun on the playground. The boy's mother says the treatment was over the top but the ministry says it was correct. What do you think?

What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?
  • 15.4% It's unfair; it was just a toy
    15.4% Complete
  • 53.8% It's reasonable; even toy guns should not be tolerated
    53.8% Complete
  • 30.8% The school should have explained its gun policy before doing this
    30.8% Complete
  • 0% Other (please explain in comments below)
    0% Complete
13 votes
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What's On: Te Moana Glow Show!

Iris from Kerikeri District

A magical giant-scale glow-in-the-dark puppet show! Go under the sea with a courageous Kina on her journey of discovery across the Pacific Ocean to Aotearoa. Recommended for ages 2–10.
Te Moana Glow Show!
  • Turner Centre
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Rodents can cause considerable damage to homes and risk to our health. It makes sense to keep them out of your home or workplace.
Proof your building - Rats & Mice can fit through small gaps. Check around your building for gaps particularly around pipe-work. Seal any gaps & attach draft excluders to doors. Check for overhanging foliage - Rats often climb trees & drop down onto the roof & enter under the edge of the roof.
Baits & Traps – Bait is the most effective & efficient way to deal with infestations. Make sure you use secure bait stations to keep pets and children safe. Traps are also useful, although rats and mice can become trap shy. They are safe and effective when used in conjunction with baits. Bait traps with peanut butter or chocolate. Place the traps against walls and behind furniture where rodents travel.
Don’t want to DIY – Call 0800 PESTWORX | 0800 73 78 96 | 09 407 7389 | info@pestworx.co.nz | www.pestworx.co.nz......
(PMANZ member) to help solve your rodent issues.