71 days ago

Poll: What is your experience going to the doctor?

Denise Piper Reporter from Northern News

There is a GP shortage in Northland, especially in Kaitaia. I would like to know how this is impacting patients, so please participate in the poll or leave your comments below. (Please put NFP in your comments if they are not for publication.)

What is your experience going to the doctor?
  • 60.9% I have no problems getting a GP appointment when I want it
    60.9% Complete
  • 34.8% I have to wait weeks to see the GP
    34.8% Complete
  • 4.3% I can't see the GP because there is no capacity at my clinic
    4.3% Complete
  • 0% I can't see the GP because I can't afford it
    0% Complete
  • 0% Other (please comment below)
    0% Complete
23 votes
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6 days ago

Poll: Should buses run on Sunday in Northland?

The team Reporter from Northern News

The Northland Regional Council is having to bring forward its free bus trips in celebration of World Carfree Day because Northland's buses don't run on Sunday. Do you think they should? Please take part in this poll and leave comments below (put NFP if your comments are not for publication).

Should buses run on Sunday in Northland?
  • 18.2% Yes! Buses should run on Sunday
    18.2% Complete
  • 36.4% No, I don't think it's worthwhile having buses on Sunday
    36.4% Complete
  • 45.5% Do we even have buses in Northland?
    45.5% Complete
  • 0% Other, please comment below
    0% Complete
11 votes
1 day ago

Our kids can't escape advertising - What should be done?

The team Reporter from Northern News

Our children are being exposed to an average of 46 ads for unhealthy products every day (27 junk food, 12 alcohol, and seven gambling).

These things are the leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental illness and many social harms.

Should our Government be doing more to protect our children from this advertising? What should be done?

10 hours ago

Colouring isn't just for kids! 🖍

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Mindful colouring has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and induce a meditative-like state in adults too.

Help scribble your worries away with this free community-inspired colouring sheet to give your brain a creative boost.