29 days ago

Fundraising help needed

Hannah Cunningham from Volunteer Marlborough

It only takes one hour to make a difference in the lives of orphan children.⁠
We’re looking for people in Marlborough who can volunteer an hour (or more) to hold a collection bucket for Orphans Aid.⁠

When: Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November⁠

Between 9am and 5pm⁠

Locations: Blenheim central and supermarkets⁠

100% of what is raised in this appeal goes directly to alleviate the suffering of children who are living in abusive or unsafe situations, and to place them into loving families.⁠

If you can help, send us a message or email vm@volunteermarlborough.org.nz

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10 hours ago

Are you a recent home buyer? or a retiree in your own home?

The team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi Neighbourly - we're looking for a first-home buyer to talk about why it was their goal to buy a house and the reasons behind it (need to be willing to be pictured with it). We're also looking for a few people 50 years or older to talk about how important owning their own home is to their retirement goals

Can you help? Email susan.edmunds@stuff.co.nz

20 hours ago

Rescue: The perfect gift for animal-lovers

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank’s founder Michael Willis has travelled New Zealand, and the world, in his quest to save often-forgotten animals from extinction.

In Rescue, he recounts his sometimes perilous and always riveting experiences with warmth, passion and infectiously laconic humour.

Rescue will make you laugh and gasp, and think. For, as he reminds us, in an uncertain world, the saving of these animals could be the saving of us all.
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13 days ago

lost /stolen dogs from Dunedin

Linda from Blenheim

These dogs were seen tied to an old white van soon after they went missing some weeks ago.Was on seven sharp. Thought to be foreign perhaps German man and Asian lady in the van. The dogs have not been found. Please read the owners page Dice and Weeed facebook page and keep eyes open for them at freedom campers spots. All info to contact owners with any info no matter how irrelevant you may think it is. Could be anywhere in NZ