47 days ago

smeg stickers

Marina Neighbourly Lead from Fernside

I have some smeg stickers to give away to someone who is purchasing smeg knives.

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Win a $20k advertising package


2degrees is all about fighting for fair which is why we’re giving Canterbury businesses the chance to win a $20,000 advertising package.

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6 hours ago

More parking, new community hubs key projects for Waimakariri District Council

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

The Waimakariri District Council has proposed constructing a parking building in Rangiora and new community centres in Ravenswood and Pegasus as the district’s population continues to grow.

The council’s previous long-term plan included $6.3 million to buy more land and facilities for car parking, but that was no longer expected to be enough to meet the expected demand. It is proposing to spend another $11.3m in 2028-30 to build a car park building with between 180 and 280 spaces.

The council has also proposed spending $4.7m for land in Pegasus to build a community centre within two to four years.

Another $4.3m was proposed for land at Ravenswood for a swimming pool. Construction of a community centre in Ravenswood would get under way in 2029-30.

7 hours ago

Lawns, gardening, landscaping or just a yard tidy up.

Brendan from Belfast

If you need any of the above try these guys, great fast service, and very competitive prices.