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Hot water pressure issues

Lakyoung from Redwood

Hi I live Redwood area and just wondering about hot water pressure. We have hot water cylinder and in the shower- hot water pressure is very poor. Sometimes it is only dribbling. However, cold water pressure is amazing! I'm not sure this is cylinder issues or area ? Does anyone know how to fix this? Seems like pressure valve? needs to be even or something.
Pls advise. Thank you very much.

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Toni from Toni Thomas Architectural Design

Are you planning to:

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Do you know that alterations within the existing footprint of your home can usually be done as a Building Consent Exemption?

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Toni Thomas
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countdown tiles

Stephanie from Fernside

Please can anyone help my two gorgeous grandaughters. They both need Timon to complete their sets and i am sure they will have swaps. Thank you for your help. Stephanie Harrison 027 324 8057

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Public have until 5pm Monday, October 21 to submit feedback on nuisance bylaw

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Long grass on empty residential sections is one of the main gripes of Waimakariri residents who complain to the council about nuisance behaviour.

The complaints, along with changes to legislation following the establishment of Fire and Emergency New Zealand in July 2017, have prompted the council to come up with a property maintenance and nuisance bylaw.

Under the draft bylaw, residents could be made to cut overgrown grass, tidy up junk, or silence livestock in residential areas. The bylaw will also address hoarding, burying waste, and vehicles carrying manure, offal or waste being parked in public places. The storage or use of shipping containers, vehicles or vehicle bodies or parts on residential sections will also come under the bylaw.