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Poll: Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

It will soon be time to have your say on who represents your community by voting in the 2019 local elections. Do you intend to vote?

Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?
  • 66.5% Yes definitely, democracy is vital
    66.5% Complete
  • 24.8% Maybe, I'm struggling to find anyone I want to vote for
    24.8% Complete
  • 8.7% No, I just can't be bothered with local councils
    8.7% Complete
1610 votes
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21 minutes ago

What's On: Craft Workshops Cards and Jewellery

Lee from Hurunui District

Two workshops, do one or both. 1.30-5pm. Materials and Afternoon Tea included. $25/$15 for non-members or 3/1.5 time credits for members. Enrolment essential. Contacts Judith 033137558 tbwaimakariri@gmail.com FaceBook TimeBank Waimakariri
Craft Workshops Cards and Jewellery
  • Function Centre Rangiora Showgrounds
21 hours ago

North Canterbury man killed in collision with fleeing driver

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

A man killed by a driver fleeing police left his Kaiapoi home before dawn to secure a park, then sleep in his car for two hours before starting work at Christchurch Hospital.

Kenneth McCaul was driving his Hyundai Grandeur when he was T-boned at the intersection of Glandovey and Idris roads in Fendalton, Christchurch, about 4am on Tuesday. He sustained critical injuries and was taken to hospital, but died a short time later.

Our thoughts are with the man's family and friends and with those of the others injured in this terrible incident.

1 day ago

Have you come across any booby traps on Waimakariri beaches?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Nails hammered into sticks are being set as booby traps for whitebaiters in a popular North Canterbury fishing spot.

Third-generation Waikuku whitebaiter Kelly Sintes said a relative found a stick with three large nails sticking out of it on the access track leading to the Ashley/Rakahuri River from the Waikuku side last Saturday. It had been placed directly on tyre tracks.

A Waimakariri District Council spokesman said the incident had been reported to the police because a walker or pet could have been injured.

"This is the first time we've seen something like this and we want to warn people who use the area to please be vigilant.