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Whereabouts of Polish Con artists sought,

David from Woodend

We along with a growing list of others, are victims to professional con artists operating in the area from Poland. They are in their mid 50's and entered NZ as tourists two years ago, after having their PR applications rejected in Australia. They were then granted work permits here and embarked on a string of deceptive frauds and thefts in North Canterbury.
They go by the names of Arta and Maggi Kowalski and were recently sighted in Rangiora after absconding from their last known address and evading two court orders that we know of so far. They are also wanted for questioning in Australia, concerning deception and theft of 10k from an 86 year old widow in Brisbane. Anyone knowing of their whereabouts can they please let me and the Department of Justice know, so court proceedings can progress.

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What's On: Waimakariri Access Group AGM

Christine from Rangiora

All welcome
Waimakariri Access Group AGM
  • Rakahuri Meeting Room Waimakariri Council Offices
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What are your best edible crops for pots and small spaces?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Our gardens are getting smaller, so NZ Gardener wants to come up with some suggestions for edible crops that do well in pots and small spaces! Suggest the crops that have done well for you (ideally specify a variety) and tell other keen gardeners how you grew them, how they performed for you, and any practical advice you would pass on to ensure a great result with that crop, and any secret tips you are prepared to pass on! If your tip is used in the magazine, you'll receive a free copy... And of course the glory of being in New Zealand's favourite gardening magazine! Click on the link to send us your best tips.

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What's On: Spring Running Day

Aaron from Eyrewell Forest

Enjoy a heritage train ride passed some of North Canterbury's finest vineyards and through the scenic Weka Pass, Monday 28 October. Booking is recommended tickets can be purchased from www.wekapassrailway.co.nz...
Spring Running Day
  • Weka Pass Railway