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Bringing generations together

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Cambridge mum Rebecca Broadbent regularly takes groups of parents and preschool children to visit local rest homes. Not only is this a salve for loneliness, it sparks interaction, communication and mobility in residents, says Tracy Fairhall, activities coordinator for Raeburn Lifecare in Cambridge.

For Rebecca, it is simply a joy to spread joy. She remembers the first rest home visit she arranged. “At one point I looked over at a lovely resident who was 100 and he was kind of shaking and I was worried. I got closer and saw that he was shaking with laughter because my boys were having a paper plane competition, throwing paper planes from one end of the lounge to the other. It was beautiful.”

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With restrictions in China some people are taking up solo water ski ing.

John from East Invercargill

As some 80 million people are not allowed to leave their house and many others severely restricted in close contact with some have taken up solo water ski ing. Meanwhile in America people are still taking the family on family outings while I have just found out where rainbows come from. Just what the doctor ordered with the NZX tanking although gold and silver have been doing rather well last few weeks especially. Not to worry something called "sun" will be shining for nest week albiet with some showers ? on a few of them. Tis an improvement.
Just wondering if some are taking re cycling a little too seriously. I should add that click on a picture does enlarge it in a new screen.

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2020 ICC Surf to City

Nathan from North Invercargill

A great event that the whole family can take part in!