43 days ago

No Passport? A gun at my head..??

Ron from Central-West Invercargill

Amazing....I am in the Philippines ...Having applied for a long term visa known as an. SRRV issued by the PRA otherwise known as the Philippines Retirees Authority My Passport has been held by them eversince while I wait to see if my application has been successful...I do not know where it is cause although it was taken by the PRA Office in Manila I have an email advising me it was being forwarded to Cebu..
I have sought the help of the NZ Embassy and today is D day ....My return flight to New Zealand takes off on Thursday ....but unless I can get my passport back theres no way I can get back to NZ.....Worse still I have paid the deposit and fees which are quite substantial for my application so cannot understand what is happening...
It seems to me that having paid all the fees somebody in authority realises the position I am in wants me to pay expediting fees before they give me my passport back.....??? Which I will not do.......I hope a Philippino jail is not as bad as I have read about.......... Regards Ron

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4 hours ago

petition to ban fireworks

Gwyn from Central-West Invercargill

Dear Friends,

I just signed a petition for 'Total ban on the sale of fireworks in New Zealand'

It would mean the world to me if you could also add your name to this important issue. Every name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely for us to get the change we want to see.

Just lick on the link below


After you've signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It's super easy – all you need to do is forward this email.

Thank you!


6 days ago

Fireworks should they be banned for public sale?

Gwyn from Central-West Invercargill

I am currently employed cleaning the outdoor toilets at the parks and reserves.
When I went to clean the toilet at Hatches Hill part of the sandy point recreational reserve, I found fireworks in the car park area which is close to native bush which included a box which said caution shoots flaming fireballs.
It is fortunate that we didn't have a bush fire!
I have also noted over the past years that throughout the year people are still letting off fireworks.
my opinion is the public sales of fireworks should be banned.
If you agree make a public statement.

1 day ago

Poll: Would you pay to use your neighbours' swimming pool?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

People rent out baches, rooms in their houses, their garages and car parking spaces, so surely hiring out swimming pools is the next logical step.

A new app lets people hire their private pools by the hour, but it hasn't come to New Zealand - yet.

To read more, click here.

Would you pay to use your neighbours' swimming pool?
  • 28.2% Yes please!
    28.2% Complete
  • 71.8% No, that's weird.
    71.8% Complete
1229 votes