80 days ago

3 waters and Nelson City Council

Mark from Nelson

I was wondering how many people in Nelson are aware that the Government has put in a low ball offer to buy our 3 waters infrastructure.This offer ( it won't be raised) is approximately 10% of its value. If this Govt. gets its hands on our water etc it will be run by 4 Water Authorities, the boundaries for these 4 Authorities are drawn up as are the Maori Tribal Boundaries, who will be handed our water supply for free( Govt. is paying) as a joint Maori/Govt. entity. Do you think you will be paying more or paying less per litre for your own water.??
The most disturbing thing is, the NCC 's CEO and the Mayor are on the Govts. 3 waters working party. Is this a conflict of interest??
The Mayor was elected to look after the best interests of all Nelsonians and their infrastructure. I would have thought since water is our life blood it would be the very last thing you would ever sell at a marked down price. Think it's about time the Mayor and CEO were a bit more transparent and tell the people of Nelson which way they are voting. It is in the Local Body Act that any Council selling a large asset, in this case one that has been bought by the ratepayers/users over many generations, that they have to consult at length with the ratepayers and all. Therefore, surely such a big decision should go to a referendum rather than some deal done behind closed doors as has happened in the past.

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3 days ago

Covid Vaccine

Alan from Nelson

People who are refusing to be vaccinated cannot have lived in the time of polio. My childhood was in a residential area of about 200 families and three children had polio. To see a child's life afflicted with the polio virus unable to use their arms or legs with symptoms similar to cerebral palsy, is incredibly sad and tragic for the whole family. Were it not for the polio vaccine there would be many, many thousands of children and adults so afflicted today, possibly even family members of these people now refusing to be vaccinated. Please reflect, and all help each other by getting vaccinated.

9 hours ago

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20 hours ago

Shipment from the UK

Andrew from Outpost Supplies NZ 2014 Limited

We have finally received our long awaited shipment from the UK. We have plenty of working trousers, camping, tramping & hunting gear, CAMO face paint, Sun Hats, Gloves, Paracord, First Aid Kits, Backpacks, Masks, Waterproof Ponchos, Knives, Braces, All sorts of pouches, Belts and heaps more. We have a lot of interesting things that you just cant get anywhere else! Come and see us at www.outpostsupplies.co.nz... or at 53 Quarantine Road, Tahunanui.