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Spilt something on the carpet? Follow these steps as soon as possible!

JAE Nelson from Jae Services Nelson

Winter is here! That means more time at home, which in turn means more spots and spills on our carpets. Follow this process AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to remove general stains from your carpet.

STEP 1. Immediately remove any bulky content, i.e. food or liquid content. Try your hardest not to rub the content into the carpet when removing.

STEP 2. Absorb any remaining moisture with colourless paper towels or a towel. Blot the area, you may need to stand on the towel so as to help with the absorption. Once again, do not rub the carpet. Repeat using dry paper towels/towels until no more moisture is able to be absorbed.

TOP TIP: You can use our FREE spot bottle designed specifically by Jae for the treatment of carpet or upholstery stains. This can tend to remove trickier stains, such as red wine, coffee, etc. Just spray on the area after you have absorbed the moisture and blot. Pop by the office to pick up your free bottle right by our door – our address is on our main page.

STEP 3. Vacuum the area – this will bring any content to the surface.

STEP 4. Repeat steps 2-3 if necessary.

TIP: Do not attempt to clean with ordinary chemicals or sprays as these can cause further staining and make the stain trickier to remove.

If the stain proves to be a little more serious, it could mean that it needs a specialised stain treatment.

Coffee, red wine, orange juice, food or animal stains – they can be trickier to remove.

Advanced stain treatment is a very specialised field involving understanding the chemistry of stains and cleaning products. Different techniques are often needed for wool versus synthetic carpets. Our technicians are trained in choosing the right solution for your individual needs.

At Jae, we have put years of training and research into developing many of our own products and processes for tackling some of the toughest stains. We also have a variety of ODOUR TREATMENTS available which can eliminate – not just mask - strong odours along with the stain.

Hopefully, the above steps will help you to remove general stains but don't hesitate to give us a call and ask our friendly team for more details if your stain is proving hard to get rid of.

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Supple@65+ great new class for a new year and more mobile you!

Leigh from Britannia Heights

Feel stiffer, noticing movements are quite as free as you'd like, balance a bit wobbly? Come to Supple@65+ and change that! All welcome. Class starts in February.

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