72 days ago

Seeking syringes

Christine from Hikurangi Coastal

I am seeking luer lock syringes. Prefer 10ml size. Can be used condition if for saline solution. These syringes are used daily for hand raising birds like budgies and cockatiels. I am down to less than 10 so i need to build my stock back up. I do sterilize them myself before using and ideally like to recycle them if someone is only using them once and tossing. Anyone able to help? Thank you


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8 days ago

Poll: Should buses run on Sunday in Northland?

The team Reporter from Northern News

The Northland Regional Council is having to bring forward its free bus trips in celebration of World Carfree Day because Northland's buses don't run on Sunday. Do you think they should? Please take part in this poll and leave comments below (put NFP if your comments are not for publication).

Should buses run on Sunday in Northland?
  • 26.7% Yes! Buses should run on Sunday
    26.7% Complete
  • 26.7% No, I don't think it's worthwhile having buses on Sunday
    26.7% Complete
  • 40% Do we even have buses in Northland?
    40% Complete
  • 6.7% Other, please comment below
    6.7% Complete
15 votes
4 days ago

Poll: Did you enjoy the giant Big Fresh fruits and veges?

The team Reporter from Northern News

People either loved them or hated them, and now they're up for sale.

The giant 1990's Big Fresh Supermarket fruits and veges are up on Trade Me, with over 700 people adding them to their watchlist.

Did you enjoy seeing them on your grocery shopping outing?

Did you enjoy the giant Big Fresh fruits and veges?
  • 14.3% Yes, I loved seeing them!
    14.3% Complete
  • 0% No way, they were terrifying
    0% Complete
  • 85.7% I didn't even notice them
    85.7% Complete
7 votes
1 day ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now