74 days ago

Capricious Corporate Countdown

Geoff from Russell

Here is an example of the use of "capricious" which I feel describes Countdown's actions "The Mayor (Countdown will no doubt claim so) claimed that the action was reasonable, but in reality the action was arbitrary and capricious in nature." I refer to Countdown's overnight 60% increase in the price of red grapes and their 30%plus overnight increase in the price of Nana's apple pies. I have been buying red grapes for some weeks now and paying $5.00 per kilo, simiarly with the apple pies, which were $5.00. I went in Countdown Waitangi yesterday to find that the red grapes had, as said earlier, shot up by 60% and the apple pies by over 30%. I aksed some of the branch staff but the answers were above thier pay grad. I am going to call Countdown HO and see what excuse(s) they offer but decided, in the meantime to have a little "rant" here and see what sort of feedback I get. I will post the capricious corporate Countdown excuse here. Watch this space. OH, I did a quick search for "How many Complaints about Countdown" and this popped up "www.nzherald.co.nz... " Headline " Commerce Commission keeps quiet on Countdown complaint 20 Mar, 2014 2:54pm" admitted it's over 5 years old, but interesting none the less, well, to ME at least

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Become a Dementia Friend

Alzheimers NZ

Almost every Kiwi whānau is affected by dementia at some point. Maybe a family member or one of your friends or workmates has dementia?

September 21 is World Alzheimers Day – a day we can all take a moment to help people with dementia. Over 17 million people have joined Dementia Friends worldwide. So why not you?

Learn how you can help in simple and small ways. Wear a badge. Take time to listen. Pop over for a cuppa. It only takes 20 minutes online.

Show your support and help people with dementia to live well too. Join Dementia Friends today.
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Ultimate Quiz Fundraiser - Whangarei Boys High School

Julia from Hikurangi Coastal

Have you booked your table yet, spots are filling up quickly!
Prices for the best dressed ;-)

Quiz night poster.pdf Download View

3 days ago

Should vaping be banned in schools?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Hi neighbours - Principals in schools are backing the government's plan to ban most vape flavours.

They warn that without firm action, New Zealand will have a new generation of people addicted to nicotine. Many students mistakenly believe that vapes contain only water and flavouring.

What are your thoughts? Should vaping be banned in schools?