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Another Ridiculous Result

Geoff from Bay of Islands

ANOTHER Ridiculous Result! It really IS time to change the system
I had a feeling that, with all the candidates running, we might get an even more ridiculous result than in 2016 due to the “FPP,” (First Past The Post) system and, in my humble opinion, we DID 1)Mayor
I had a real concern that the likes of McInnes, Hookway and Hepi would split the vote and let Carter in again, which happened, but I must admit that Knight's 2033 came as a shock. Excluding the “informal” and “blank,” a total of 16,976 votes were cast, of which Carter got 5018 just 30% (THIRTY PERCENT), which means 70% (SEVENTY PER CENT) 11,958, were WASTED/DIDN'TCOUNT. Under STV this WOULD/COULD NEVER HAPPEN!


I live in the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward so I will deal with that, anyone in other wards wanting to dig into more detail, it is simple maths. . In the 2016 election there was a total of 25,367 votes cast. Of the 4 who were elected in 2016, only Ann Court was standing in this one. In 2016 Ann Court got 4608 votes (18%) of total (25,367) and was second. THIS year Ann Court got 3,960, (15%) of total (26,235), which was 648 LESS than she got in 2016 with an INCREASED TOTAL vote of 968 and was FIRST!!!! How ridiculous is THAT?

You might also ponder on this. In 2016 there was a total of 25,367 votes cast and the 4 candidates who were elected received a TOTAL of 15,787 votes, 62%, which meant that 38% were wasted. THIS year, there was a TOTAL of 26,335 votes cast, UP almost 1000 and the 4 candiates elected received a TOTAL of 11,560, a mere 44% of votes cast (DOWN 18%) from 2016 on a HIGHER turn out!!! This means 56%,14,675 were WASTED votes!

BROWN, Harko 2227 CLENDON, David Independent 2350 4 9% CORBIN, Rodger Independent 708 COURT, Ann 3960 1 15% 2016 4608 18% GILL, Peter 2160 HETA, Ruth 1041 JOHNSTON, Jane Ellen 1553 JOSEPH, Chris 958 MIHAKA, Hone 1113 OWEN, Frank Independent 1826 SHORTLAND, Maxine 1799 SMITH, Rachel Independent 2353 3 9% STEVENS, Mike 886 STRATFORD, Kelly 2897 2 11% WILCE, Steve 513

The NRC was no better, In our constituency, Coastal North, we had the following

Robinson Marty Independent 5589 29% Samuels Dover Independent(Yea Right)3670 19%

Shepherd Bill 4939 26%

Yeoman Jocelyn 4878 26%

TOTAL 19,076

Here we have 2 candidates elected with a TOTAL of 55% which means 45% were wasted. I don't even recall Mr. Shepherd coming to a Far North candidates meeting, maybe he thinks that Northland begins and ENDS at Whangarei! At least Jocelyn Yeoman managed to find her way to Paihia. I personally am VERY disappointed with the outcome, both “districtally” (probably bad grammar) and regionally as I had HOPED for some REAL change in this election, especially a change of mayor, but no such luck. A change to STV for 2022 would be a positive change for both FNDC and NRC and also for WDC if they are up for it, let's hope they are.

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Do you want to know the criminal history of candidates?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Northland MP Matt King is floating a member's bill which would require the criminal history of election candidates to be published, if they were convicted of a crime punishable by two or more years' jail time. What do you think? Would it change the way you vote?

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Poll: Should horse racing be banned?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

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New Business in Tikipunga Neighbourhood - Tikipunga D E N T A L

Kristi Neighbourly Lead from Tikipunga

I recommend this new business in Tikipunga.

Call for an appointment on this Whangarei Number (09) 601-3239 or email: reception@tikipungadental.co.nz to try them out.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Open 8.30am-5.00pm
Wednesday - Open - 8.30am-5.00pm
Thursday - Closed
Friday - Appointment Bookings Only 9.00am-2.00pm
Closed Public Holidays