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UNneighbourly Censors

Geoff from Russell

UNneighbourly Censors
Back on 4th. August I wrote a post that deal primarily with my ongoing attempt to change the voting system in the Far North from “FPP” (First Past The Post) to “STV” (Single Transferable Vote). It included a releavant article that appeared in The Northern Advocate in September 2017. Since I had received ttention personally from the author of the article I included a few comments. I also posted the item on several Northland Facebook pages. My post on Neighbourly was quickly removed. I received the following Your message is on hold
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for posting on Neighbourly today!

Your message "DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES?" has been removed.

Please see the following Help article regarding posting controversial topics or non-local issues on Neighbourly: www.neighbourly.co.nz...
You will see the “Help article' further down

Pleasensure that content you post to Neighbourly is relevant to your local community. If you do wish to raise a topic on Neighbourly that does not directly relate to your community, we recommend setting up a Group for these discussions.
Would readers not agree that a post about “Upcoming Local Elections” is “ relevant to your local community?”
Check out our Help section for info around setting up a Group on Neighbourly: www.neighbourly.co.nz...
To edit and repost this message, please follow this link.

If you would like to contact the Neighbourly team, please follow this link.
Notice that this is anonymous so nobody accepts responsiblity
The Neighbourly Team

Can I post controversial topics or non-local issues on Neighbourly?
We encourage Neighbourly members to discuss neighbourhood issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. It's important to keep discussions on Neighbourly community appropriate. We ask members to please avoid posting personal opinions on non-local issues, or topics that are widely known to be controversial or polarising (such as religion, politics, vaccinations or water fluoridation).
If you do wish to raise a topic on Neighbourly that does not directly relate to your community, we recommend setting up a group for these discussions. 
Please note that if debates about controversial topics are causing disharmony among neighbours, you may be required to take the discussion away from the general newsfeed and post in a Group or via private message instead. You may also be asked to continue a repeated community issue discussion in a Group rather than on the general noticeboard to avoid campaigning. 
Moving right along let's deal with this “Can I post controversial topics or non-local issues on Neighbourly?” Would readers not agree that “Climate Change/Global Warming,” call it what you like, is a “controversial topic?” I just had a look at some of Denise Piper's articles on neighbourly and,in my humble opinion, some of them are both controversial and non local but her stuff remains. Seems like different strokes for different folks. There was a lso the post on “Student Strike For Climate Change.” I think that would count as controversial. I also have to wonder how “local” to us are articles in The Whangarei Leader.” I also recall recently seeing a post from “Manly Market” I think it was, how local is THAT? I just had a look at Manly Neithbourly and saw this Poll: Are you happy owning your own home, or renting? From Paul Reporter from Stuff which is also on or site There is also the question of whther Neighbourly is “a Publisher” or “a Platform.” Ashleigh from Neighbourly Helpdesk”We don't refer to Neighbourly as a Publisher “ If Neighbourly is not a Publisher, it is a platform like Facebook and can be compared with a phone company which does not publish, it merely transmits and a phone company cannot prevent you amking a phone call just because it doesn't agree with what you might say on the phone.
It will be interesting to see what happens to THIS post, if they get really upset it may be “The last post!”

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