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Now you SEE IT, now you DON’T, now you DO!

Geoff from Russell

Before explaining how I came up with the title, i would just like to tell you that at a candidate’s meeting during the 2017 election campaign Michael Cullen stated that “banks do NOT create money.” That being the case, which it ISN’T, but if it WAS, then banks would not be able to DESTROY money if couldn’t create it in the first place.
OK, on Monday of this week, I had occasion to visit the local branch of the bankster, with which I deal, to make some adjustments to my account. Everything went fine, so I thought, the adjustments were made and I went on my merry way. Later that night, I went on line and saw that the account had totally DISAPPEARED “poof.” Money had been DESTROYED. I called the bank the following morning and spoke to a lady who was somewhat surprised by what I told her. She checked and, lo and behold, the account wasn’t there, as I had said. She apologised and said that someone must have pressed a wrong button by mistake!!!! She then pressed a RIGHT button and “shazam” the account reappeared, complete with the (recreated) money! I am telling you this simply to show that if it is SOOOOOO easy to press a wrong button by mistake, imagine how easy it will be to press the RIGHT button deliberately to destroy your money when the banks go bust and “the bail ins” start. Now you may not think that it just a matter of “pressing a button” to create and/or destroy money and that is why I am providing this link x22report.com... Today’s episode, 1936, is, to me, particularly interesting in that he covers no end of things that are happening in America but some of which are relevant here. He refers to banks creating money at the press of a button, debt, gun laws, fake news and sooooooooo much more. I really do encourage you to at least listen and then delete it if you don’t like it.
He also covers social media and there is a clip from an interview with a Google whistleblower, very interesting. You may recall my recent my post “DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES?” I posted in on “Neighbourly” and they very quickly took it down. I am currently taking issue with them about it and it will be interesting to see what happens to this, if anything, and how quickly. I asked Neighbourly if they were a publisher or a platform, they replied that they are not a publisher so that, I guess, makes them a platform and there is a significant difference between the two. Interestingly, they have not, as yet at least, removed my “CHANGING THE VOTING SYSTEM” post which was, of course, relevant to the “COINCIDENCES” one and vice versa.

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What's On: Sunday Jazz

Silke from Tikipunga

The Northern Jazz Society presents " The Basin City Big Band" A Glass of Bubbly or Juice Welcome, special Raffle Prize, compliments of Flames Hotel; Admission $ 10, cash only
Sunday Jazz
  • Flames Restaurant & Bar
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Have you stuck to a New Year's resolution?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

I am looking for people who have made a New Year's resolution and stuck to it! Whether your resolution was to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit or something else, I would like to hear from you. Please contact me on 0272-581-228 or denise.piper@stuff.co.nz

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Is your phone emergency ready? 📢📲

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Only 10 days to go until the 2019 Emergency Mobile Alert nationwide test on 24 November!

EMAs allow you to quickly receive important information from relevant government agencies if there is a serious risk to your life, health or property. The upcoming test allows NZ Civil Defence to evaluate the system to ensure as many people as possible can receive alerts.