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Another Bankster Story

Geoff from Russell

Hello folks. Ever hear the phrase “revolving doors?” Check this out There is another very interesting article on NBR today titled “Kiwi takes on tough job at NAB” Only subscribers can read the whole article. This guy, Ross McEwan for a bit of context, came from RBS (Royal Bank Of Scotland) now read on. RBS and one Willie Sutherland featured prominently in the movie “The Great British Mortgage Swindle” which is being shown in many theatres in the UK. I am HOPING to bring it to New Zealand and Australia. Here www.thebernician.net... s just one interesting link. This is also well worth a read www.thebernician.net... Anthony Stansfield is Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, one of the UK’s largest police forces, and features in the movie, which can now be watched on line here. RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) was the company which the maker of the movie battled with, and finally DEFEATED, getting several million POUNDS of illegal/fraudulent mortgages cancelled. Class action lawsuits are now being planned against the banksters throughout the UK. It would be nice if we could do the same here and get Kiwis out of the debt slavery in which they currently are.
I read some of the other articles in The Herald and STUFF and they seemed like “spin doctor” pieces. Tim’s, as usual was an excellent piece, maybe what I found may also be of interest. I went looking for Willie Sutherland and found this which www.scotsman.com... was interesting, but no Willie. I eventually did find him here www.linkedin.com... Willie Sutherland
• Regional Director, Corporate Real Estate SME Business Support Unit - Scotland at Lloyds Banking Group

Good to see that he still has a nice job in the system. I'm sure that Michael of Bernicia will be interested in this as will a number of Kiwis with mortgages

I thought that you might find this" www.bbc.com... of interest, especially coming from the BBC. " Royal Bank of Scotland's chairman has admitted it is "unlikely" the government will get back all the £45.5bn pumped in to the bank." 45.5 BILLION POUNDS (NZ$84 BILLION and change) Interesting during Scott Morrison's RNZ interview announcing the introduction of bank deposit Insurance he said TWICE in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES,"we are not expecting a finanical crisis" Hmm sounds familiar, where did I hear that before?

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Should more supermarkets offer "quiet hours"?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Countdown will offer low-sensory quiet hours in its stores nationwide. These hours are intended to help families with children who are sensitive to surroundings, particularly those with autism.

Will this benefit your family? Should it be rolled out across other supermarkets?
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