77 days ago

Capricious Corporate Countdown

Geoff from Russell

Here is an example of the use of "capricious" which I feel describes Countdown's actions "The Mayor (Countdown will no doubt claim so) claimed that the action was reasonable, but in reality the action was arbitrary and capricious in nature." I refer to Countdown's overnight 60% increase in the price of red grapes and their 30%plus overnight increase in the price of Nana's apple pies. I have been buying red grapes for some weeks now and paying $5.00 per kilo, simiarly with the apple pies, which were $5.00. I went in Countdown Waitangi yesterday to find that the red grapes had, as said earlier, shot up by 60% and the apple pies by over 30%. I aksed some of the branch staff but the answers were above thier pay grad. I am going to call Countdown HO and see what excuse(s) they offer but decided, in the meantime to have a little "rant" here and see what sort of feedback I get. I will post the capricious corporate Countdown excuse here. Watch this space. OH, I did a quick search for "How many Complaints about Countdown" and this popped up "www.nzherald.co.nz... " Headline " Commerce Commission keeps quiet on Countdown complaint 20 Mar, 2014 2:54pm" admitted it's over 5 years old, but interesting none the less, well, to ME at least

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12 hours ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now

12 hours ago

Recommendations to put up a small fence, please.

Jo from Maunu

Hi I need someone to build a fence.
I don't need a qualified builder because it's just a small area of fence, so wondering if anyone could recommend someone with the skills to do that, who is also reasonably priced, please? Thanks

3 days ago

New Zealand’s first private residential smokefree street.

Natasha Judd from Cancer Society Northland

One small Whangarei residential street is seeking to contribute to National Smokefree Working Group Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan 2015-2018 goal by initiating New Zealand’s first private residential smokefree street.

A residential Smokefree street foot/pathway/route in Whangarei will be the first national residential smokefree street

Smokefree Streets is NOT about banning smoking it is about providing increased smokefree outdoor public spaces.