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A bit of a puzzler TBH

Vincent from Flaxmere

Ok. This may be a bit disjointed and a rambling rant so I apologise in advance.

I ponder how the powers that be work. They (the government) have t balance budgets etc. They charge us tax. They try to find ways to increase the take to be able to pay for things. I get that. But I have a situation that defies my understanding.

Let me expand.

My family is a bit different. A lot of health issues. We have a daughter who is labeled as "high and complex needs". She requires us to help her with just about everything. Feeding, eating, dressing, communicating for her every need. So we do. She is an adult so normally she would be out and about with friends, getting her own life. But she can't she is dependent on us or others totally.
We also have my parents. Early onset dementia. Our house is small. So we got them a caravan on our back yard with the intention of being 'short term '. That was two years ago. They can't look after themselves as they would forget things. As we know anyway the rental availability and cost is ridiculous.

So basically we look after 3 adults fulltime.

I have a job but someone needs to be home to advocate, monitor and make sure all cares are done.

Now why I can't understand the government's logic.

My wife can't work due to the amount of appointments and organizing of different organizations.
Apparently the government will rather put all 3 in a home at $1200 each rather than help us look after them. So they can't pay my wife a minimum wage ($700 p/week approximately) but will pay $3600 p/week for strangers to look after them. Do you think that the level of care from the strangers would be half as good as ours?

So where's the logic?

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Lesley from Frimley

Why are cyclists so averse to using their bell? I don't hear them coming up behind me when I'm out walking and get the bejesus scared out of me!!

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1 day ago

New use for takeaway cups

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

I hate takeaway cups, but if we must end up with them, why not put them too good use. Mini greenhouses. They work a treat. My avocado stones are sprouting nicely.