364 days ago

Can you spare Two Hours of your Time for Breast Cancer Support?

Susie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Hi there Hawkes Bay – fourteen people have signed up in response to my earlier notice - thank you.

We still need another 45 volunteers for HASTINGS. We need 21 for this weekend and 24 for 13-14 November.
Could you please give two hours of your time? The web site will close off later this week, so if you can help please comment below or PM me and I will contact you.

Also, please ask your friends and family to lend a helping hand – men are more than welcome – remember – men can get breast cancer too! Also you can bring your dog and / or your children / grandchildren.

I look forward to working with you all – in the pink: a scarf, a skirt, earrings, a whimsy, a wig, a t-shirt/jacket/jumper, pink feather boa, pink bowler hat – some / any / all of those!

Susie McCutcheon
Pink Ribbon Appeal Co-ordinator for Hastings

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3 days ago

New use for takeaway cups

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

I hate takeaway cups, but if we must end up with them, why not put them too good use. Mini greenhouses. They work a treat. My avocado stones are sprouting nicely.

6 hours ago

Coffee shops

Mark from Havelock North

Hi. Just wondering if there’s anywhere open for a coffee in village after 5 - not Maccas or a bar!

9 hours ago

Falls Prevention And Awareness Day

Administrator from Age Concern Hawke's Bay

Join us in CHB to learn more about falls prevention, our services and a Steady As You Go falls prevention demonstration!
Friday 12th of November 2021
Waipawa Library- 10am-11:30am
CHB Greenpatch- 12pm-1:30pm
* Spot Prizes
* Vouchers for FREE classes
* Meet the Team
Partnered with ACC